status 02261000 with EtherFast 10/100 ??

Stefan G. Berg
Mon Jul 20 14:37:23 1998

(was Re: DLINK DFE530TX a bad card?)

Thanks to everybody who told me that my DFE530TX is not tulip. I
returned these cards and got the LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 LAN
Card that is supported in the latest tulip build.

I am pretty happy with this so far, I have three machines and a
LinkSys Fast Ethernet 5-Port Workgroup Hub (100MHz only).

My one problem though is that I sometimes get an

eth0: transmit timed out, status 02261000, CSR12 00000036,

error message. When that happens, the network doesn't work at
all. Usually I have been able to fix this problem by rebooting a
few times, but its like a random thing. Either it works after a
boot or it doesn't. This seems to be a sporadic problem happening
occasionally after rebooting and it usually affects only one
machine (i.e. the others work fine). I never had Win95/98 have
any network problems. All my machines dual boot between Win9x and
Linux and I have the same network cards in all of them.

Any ideas? I don't even know where this problem lies, HUB?,
card?, driver?

Thanks to everyone with some ideas.


On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, W Christopher Martin wrote:

> Stefan G. Berg writes:
> > This is a brand new (and very cheap) 10/100Base-T card from 
> > D-Link. It's working just fine under Win95/98, but I can't get it
> > to work under Linux (2.0.35). ...
> It doesn't use the Digital Tulip chip like the older DFE500-TX cards
> did. Instead it uses what appears to be a D-Link proprietary chip.
> I sent email to D-Link asking about a Linux driver and they
> haven't bothered to respond so we're switching to a different
> brand that is tulip-based.
> Regards,
> Chris Martin
> Catnap Consultants
> p.s. I'll bet Donald Becker is happy about this since he had
> a disagreement with D-Link about some of his code that they
> mis-appropriated for their own Linux DFE500-TX driver.