Problems getting appletalk to work at 100MBs

Hannu Krosing
Thu Jul 9 16:47:03 1998

Donald Becker wrote:
> The i82557 and i82558 (Speedo3 and Mt. Bachelor) chips take a long time to
> digest longer multicast filter lists.
> This can be avoided by switching to rx-all-multicast mode sooner.
> The parameter that sets this is:
> /* Maximum number of multicast addresses to filter (vs. rx-all-multicast) */
> static int multicast_filter_limit = 64;
> Append the following /etc/conf.modules:
>   options eepro100 multicast_filter_limit=2;
> Please report the result.

Thanks, this did fix it 

> If it works, try increasing it -- I'm interested in knowing at what value it
> becomes a problem.

it becomes a problem at 3 (i found it out the hard way, by going
32,16,8,4,3 , 
should have done _exactly_ as you told me ;)

>  (I don't have an Appletalk environment to test in...)

You need'nt any external environment, just compile and install the
netatalk suite 
and start it via /etc/rc.d/init.d/atalk. 

I tested it by disconnecting all the cables and still got the same

Next I am planning to test my setup using a SMP kernel (the computer 
is dual PPro200)

Is there anything I should specially be aware/afraid of?

Hannu Krosing

PS. the reported unability to route appletalk with tulip cards seems 
to be a false alarm.

Hannu Krosing