Problems getting appletalk to work at 100MBs

Hannu Krosing
Thu Jul 9 09:51:37 1998


I have been trying to get netatalk working on a Dell Optiplex GXpro 
computer (uses Intel FX (Natoma) chipset ) with some success (transfer 
about 10x faster than NT4.0, 7500 write/5500 read, using TCP/IP), but 
I have some problems getting the 100MBs ethernet cards to work using 

when I use Intel EtherExpress Pro 100 (whith 82558 chip), then the 
card functions quite ok, but every few (5-50) seconds it gets stuck 
and reports:

eth0: Transmit timed out: status 0050 command 0000.
eth0: Trying to restart the transmitter...

when i replaced eepro with D-Link 500TX (based on Dec tulip 21140),
i don't get this, but I don't get any routing between this and other 
(3com 590 @ 10Mbs) card either :(, (I do get routing with eepro100)

the configuration is the same om both tries, only change is that eth0 
is either eepro100 or tulip.

I use kernel 2.0.34, with latest (?) drivers from cesdis.

I also use the latest ip-enabled (with asun patches) netatalk from

Does anyone have any suggestions where (and how) should I start digging

Hannu Krosing