Cheap, good tulips...

Jon Lewis
Thu Dec 31 00:40:41 1998

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998, Jorg B. wrote:

> We bought a bunch of the Netgear FA 310 with the Digital chip on them...
> The "older style" Netgear cards work great for us using 100MB Full Duplex.
> Even on SMP machines we have not experienced any problems. I haven't had a
> chance to try the newer Netgear cards, yet...

I've got about 20 of the new Netgear's in use.  They work if you have a
new enough tulip driver.  Apparently, they don't work as fast, but someone
posted a few weeks ago that they can be tuned to be even faster than the
old ones.  I don't think I saw a reply to that message from Don, so I
don't know if the tulip driver will get optimization options for the

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