ifconfig media support

Rainer Clasen bj@ncc.cicely.de
Wed Dec 30 12:10:56 1998


The tulip driver doesn't yet support "ifconfig media foo", does it? Is
anybody working on it? Or is there a different way to set the media of say
eth0 without affecting eth1,2,3 (all tulips)? I need to force the media
because of crosslinked cables and the peers change sometimes (100/10mbit,
FD/HD). ifconfig eth* down; modprobe tulip options=... ; ifconfig is not
that satisfying (but better than nothing :-)

Since we're at it and Donald Becker maintains this driver, too: Same
questions for the eepro100 driver.

Hmm, I'd ask about ne2k, too, but I suppose there are to many flavours to
get this working.

Sorry for being partly offtopic.


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