2.2.0 Bug summary, year old tulip.c in 2.2.0pre1 (fwd)

David david@kalifornia.com
Wed Dec 30 02:28:16 1998

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>> > The newer tulip has been reported to just reboot machines randomly on the
>> > mailing lists.
>> Works great for Dell PowerEdge 2200 in SMP.  No random reboots with
>> new kernel or new tulip driver.  

i've been using v.90 of the tulip driver in production servers since it
came out.  no ill effects whatsoever excepting a spurious message that's
already been explained as nothing of consequence.

what does have ill effects is having any type of cdrom in my scsi cdrom on
boot which results in kernel oopses and subsequent death w/ gerard's ncr
driver ;)

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