Multiple PCI devices on the same IRQ: kernel or driver?

Mark Martin
Thu Dec 3 15:09:48 1998

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions regarding my difficulties. 
I've barely had time to read through all of them so it will take a
little time before I can try some of them out.  Nonetheless, I thought I
should take the time to answer some of the questions that people asked.

1. My BIOS doesn't allow me to manually configure the IRQs used by the
PCI bus.  I read Don's IRQ conflicts page (as well as all of the other
pages I could find and the past year's worth of mailing list archives)
before I posted to the mailing list but was unable to implement any of
the suggestions there due to the limitations of my BIOS.

2. I tried rearranging the cards on the bus without success.  In the
process, I looked for jumpers or switches that might allow me to specify
IRQs.  Unfortunately, there were none.

3. I don't have any SCSI cards in my system.  The cards on the PCI bus
are a Matrox Millenium video card, a Promise Ultra 33 ultra ATA/EIDE
controller board, and my Netgear FA310TX NIC.  The system is a Gateway
2000 P-5 133 running the latest BIOS available for its motherboard. 
(Latest is relative.  The BIOS is almost 4 years old.)  The motherboard
is PCI 2.0 compliant.

4. I tried the de driver but it didn't even detect the card.

Thanks again to all who responded (and especially to Jon Lewis who
risked having Don slap him around to provide a little code).  If I
manage to get this beast to behave properly, I'll post the solution.



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 Dept of Applied Mathematics
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