depmod returns unresolved symbols

Donald Becker
Wed Dec 2 02:17:31 1998

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Charles Galpin wrote:

> I'm trying to compile in tulip support for my cardbus ethernet card, but 
> have hit a stumbling block.
> kernel 2.0.35
> pcmcia-c-3.0.6
> tulip.c v0.90
> After making and installing , depmod -ae returns this error
> /lib/modules/2.0.35/pcmcia/pcnet_cs.o: unresolved symbol(s)
> 	NS8390_init

You don't have 8390.o installed.  This should come from the standard kernel
source code.  (The 8390.o module is a driver "core" for about ten different
drivers, including the NE2000.  All other drivers are self contained.)

> also, if I try and insmod tulip_cb.o, I get these unresolved symbols
> tulip_cb.o: unresolved symbol unregister_driver
> tulip_cb.o: unresolved symbol register_driver

The pcmcia package provides these functions in cb_enabler.o.
You should never need to load tulip_cb.o by hand -- the pcmcia package wants
to do it for you.

> I have noticed that it looks like tulip.c v0.90 was compiled against 
> pcmcia-c-3.0.5 - do I need to downgrade?

You *must* compile against the correct header file version.  David changed
the internals greatly between 3.0.5 and 3.0.6.

Donald Becker
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