Multiple PCI devices on the same IRQ: kernel or driver?

Stefan Dozier
Mon Nov 30 22:09:54 1998

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Mark Martin wrote:

> I recently purchased a Netgear FA310TX card and have been having the
> same problem as Erik Beck, namely my BIOS insists on putting all of my
> PCI devices on IRQ 10 and does not give me any control over the
> situation.  Consequently, whenever I try to bring the interface up, I am
> greeted with the error message
> SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable

Mark...I just solved this problem this past Thanksgiving weekend, and
in my case it was definitely the sharing of IRQ's between three cards
(video, SCSI(not used to boot HD) and the FA310TX. Fist I confirmed it by
removing the SCSI card from my machine and viola', my FA310TX started
working. Next was to figure out how to reconfigure my bios to allow all
three cards to co-exist and fortunately for me, my motherboard (Asus
TX97-E) allows me to assign IRQ's per PCI slot (3 PCI slots and a 4th
Combo (PCI/Mediabus slot), it's an Asus invention. So I assigned PCI slot
#1, the slot my SCSI card came from to IRQ 10, since my old ISA card was
using IRQ 10, and viola', I have three PCI cards co-existing in my Linux
system, but only 2 PCI cards sharing the same IRQ (11) and the third PCI
card on IRQ 10.

Stefan Dozier