21143 on RH5.1 after upgrade (Digital DE450 card)

Karl Vogel kvo@seagha.com
Mon Aug 10 08:54:29 1998

I noticed a message on this list concerning the problem with the newer
versions of the tulip driver. I have exactly the same problem.. version
0.77 from kernel v2.0.32 works fine.. everything thereafter fails. (on a
DE450 from Digital, /proc/pci reports a 21142)

I've been able to track down the line that causes the problem and have
been able to use the newer driver releases. However I don't know much
about the interns of the driver, so I can't comment on WHAT is exactly
wrong (just found out by trial & error).

The problem is that the   t21142_timer  function doesn't work. So if you
patch the driver to use the   tulip_timer  function (like the v0.79 driver
did) then everything seems to work fine.

You can do this by changing the entry "Digital DS21142/3 Tulip" in the
table  tulip_tbl[] (driver v0.89i). In this line you will find the
t21142_timer , change this to  tulip_timer. Then recompile, copy to
/lib/modules/<kernel version>, /etc/rc.d/init.d/network stop, rmmod tulip, 
depmod -a, /etc/rc.d/init.d/network start  and it should work!

This worked for me... (NOTE: I have posted detailed information on the
tulip-bugs list, but since nobody seemed to have mentioned the solution to
this problem on this list, I thought I'd also make a post here)


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