transmitter stopped?

Frank Sweetser rasmusin@WPI.EDU
Mon Aug 10 00:11:00 1998

==> Regarding Re: transmitter stopped?; Donald Becker <> adds:

becker> On Sun, 9 Aug 1998, Frank Sweetser wrote:
>> been running tulip.c 0.89K, DC21140 w/out MII for a few hours now,
>> kernel 2.1.115 plus ac1, UP, and got the following message:
>> eth0: The transmitter stopped!  CSR5 is fc678006, CSR6 e2402002.

becker> Hmm, the transmitter stopped, immediately after suspending.  The
becker> driver restarted it.  Is there any chance the cable was momentarily
becker> disconnected?  Otherwise everything looks normal (10mbps, no Tx
becker> FIFO underruns have occured).

hmmm... i don't *think* so.  we are in the middle of upgrading the campus
network, so it's possible that the switch this machine was plugged into got

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