Full duplex with Tulp driver .. what changes to driver did you do?

Scott tysons@deepwell.com
Wed Aug 5 11:11:01 1998

Greetings -

I want to try my Linksys 10/100 card at full duplex 10baseT-FD (ISP
confirms this is supported) but I was wondering what source code
any has made to get this to work.  After reading the tulip.c
I have made the following changes:

/* Used to pass the full-duplex flag, etc. */
static int full_duplex[MAX_UNITS] = {1, };      <------ I changed this
0 to 1 for Full duplex support
static int options[MAX_UNITS] = {4, };           <------ I changed this
from 0 to 4 for 10baseT-FD
static int mtu[MAX_UNITS] = {0, };                <------ No change

My config.modules would look like this:
alias eth0 tulip
options tulip options=4 debug=1

I'd like to validate this before messing with the driver since I have
remote admin only. Face to face meetings with my box are somewaht
do to my job and my ISP's office hours.

Thanks in advance.


/- Scott Tyson  
/- tysons@deepwell.com
/-"Who's Your Doppelganger?"