Where to put insmod command?

Ted_Rule@flextech.co.uk Ted_Rule@flextech.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 04:24:18 2000

What you almost certainly need is mods to the conf.modules file to set the
options insmod uses when it loads any given module.

( This effectively overrides any given modules' "factory" default settings )

As in , for instance, on my wonky old RH5.2 box:

$ cat /etc/conf.modules
alias scsi_hostadapter aic7xxx
alias eth0 tulip
options tulip debug=1 options=0
alias net-pf-5 off

to set the SCSI adaptor, map eth0 to a tulip card, set debug level and AutoNeg
on the Tulip
card, and disable AppleTalk support ...


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