Where to put insmod command?

jdn kingcrim@earthlink.net
Thu Feb 24 00:37:22 2000

I recently bought a Network Everywhere Ethernet 10baseT 5-port starter kit.
I'm basically networking my two home machines.  One is a multi-boot system
running Windows 98, NTW, and Windows 2000 Server (and BeOS 4.5).  The other
will be a multi-boot system (it is currently  running RedHat 6.1, and will
also have Sun Solaris 7/8 on it).

I had difficulty getting the 'tulip'-based network card to work properly on
RedHat.  Basically, it was setting the media-type to 100baseT when I
insmod'd tulip in.  After much dicking around, using tulip-diag, etc. I
downloaded the v.91 version of tulip.c, recompiled, and discovered that by

insmod tulip.o options=0

I could get it working fine.

Question is: directions I have seen have said to insert this command into
rc.local.  Fine.  Where in that file?  Beginning?  End?  In the middle?

My Linux skills are slightly past newbie, but this one is beyond me a bit.
Any help would be appreciated, so that I don't have to 'hand-load' every
time I reboot.


kingcrim@earthlink.net or jdn@mvp.com

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