Netgear sez: "don't use the public domain tulip driver"

Mattias Sandgren
Mon Sep 13 12:00:56 1999

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Chris Worley wrote:

> I'm running SuSE 5.3, kernel rev 2.0.35 (with some SuSE variants).  I've
> got three other gateways running this exact same combination w/ netgear
> tulip cards and no problems.

It might be a major undertaking for you, but I would suggest upgrading the
kernel to the latest 2.2.x version. I've heard (and noticed) that the
networking code has been greatly improved and I'm about to try the new driver
Donald wrote as soon as I get the time to figure out how to compile it with
kernel 2.2.12.
The improvements inherent in a new kernel might be performance related more
than anything so I'm not saying it will solve your problems - your problem
seems to be more related to driver problems than problems in the networking
layer. I'm not an expert.


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