Tulip on Samsung 164UX

Grahame Jordan gbj@ob1.theforce.com.au
Wed Apr 21 09:20:27 1999


I am having big trouble with the tulip driver on the 164UX Alpha motherboard.

         On-board 10/100 Mbs Ethernet:
         Digital 21143 Controller with 10/100Mbs

Even with the onboard there is constant renegotiation of speed. Sometimes
the card resets due to timeouts etc.

Using another plug in 21143 card I have similar problems. Running a
crossover cable peer to peer one will upload at ~8MB/s via ncftp but will
download ~2Kb/s

OK so I tried a 3COM pair, no Trouble ~8MB/s via ncftp

OK tried Macronix 98715 peer to peer. Had 1 kernel panic but even when running
similar problems.

Also X locks up machine sometimes. Reading past archives this problem has
been reported before.

What I can gleen from this is that the driver has a problem on the whole, 
due to the 3 tulip cards responding in similar or troublesome ways, or
at least on the 164UX.

I also had a problem with tulip on RH5.2 on intel after compiling 2.2.3 but
the lastest driver at the time (0.90z?) solved the problem. 
It would not TX packets.

The whole purpose of my musings is to get several (6) ethernet cards working
on different network segments to share the load over the network from 
the file server. aka "poor mans gigabit" I believe that it 
should be better than what a gigabit card can deliver on the PCI bus.
Also removes the need for a switch.

I know little about the driver and what information may be useful. If
required I can get this information, but maybe there is a simple fix.


Grahame Jordan
"Do or do not; There is no try"