[realtek] Realtek card not getting installed on Redhat Linux3

sagar naik sagar_naik at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 14 13:33:43 PST 2005

Hi ,
I am working on RedHat Linux 3 .and just brought  the Realtek NIC card to 
configure a Router on the Linux Box. Here are the problems which I am facing 

1. The RTL 1389 is not been recognized by the Kudzu utility .
2. I tried to install the /LINUX/RTL1389.C  file  using the Makefile command 
as specified in the Readme.txt ,But I get errors like" cc:  not found" ,"ld: 
not found " and many other commands not found .
3.Then I tried running the commands at the bottom of the driver file ,which 
also gives many syntax errors .
4.I also downloaded the driver from syscld.com website ,but it is also not 
working .

All the compilers and Kernel RPMs are installed on the system .

Can you please help me on this .

Sagar Naik

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