[realtek] IRQ Conflict

Michael MacFadden mike at macfadden.org
Thu Feb 17 09:04:23 PST 2005


I have a situation where I have two identical Realtek cards  in one 
system.  One of them is getting an IRQ conflict with another component.  
I am looking for how to set the IRQ the conflicting card to something 
else.  I know what the I/O address of the card is and I know what I want 
the IRQ to be.  The driver is loaded as a module with the 2.6.10 
Kernel.  I am assuming I need to use an option statement.  Something like:

option <driver> irq=11, io=0xd400

What I need to know is A) is what I am trying to do possible with this 
driver (does it support setting irq's), B) if so what are the specific 
options I need.  C)  How do I tell the driver to set the IRQ for the 
card that is having the conflict and not the one that is already 
working, because I don't want both of them to be set to 11 since that 
won't work either.  Thanks.


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