[realtek] 8139C problems

Andreas Tretow tretow@snafu.de
Thu Sep 19 07:32:01 2002

On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 08:30, j.beyer@web.de wrote:
> Andreas Tretow <tretow@snafu.de> schrieb am 18.09.02 22:53:26:
> > ifconfig only reports receiving errors on the remote machine (running
> > rtl8139).
> is it possible that you have a PCI bandwith problem? What kind of
> machines are involed? slow ones?
>      Joerg

unlikely: PIII 500 on Asus P2B (440BX) and Athlon 700 on AMD Irongate.
both machines are in their default settings, i.e. neither over- nor
downclocked. I see bandwidth impacts on my P100, d'clocked to 75, but
that is my DSL router and all reported tests were done on the other two.
do you have an idea how I can measure PCI performance to rule that out?