[realtek] yellow LED turns off

Piotr Trojanek ptroja@elproma.com.pl
Fri Sep 13 09:32:01 2002

On Fri, Sep 13, 2002 at 09:19:37AM -0400, John Palmieri wrote:
> Just a suggestion.  Change out the cable and see if this happens again. 
> This was happening to a computer of mine and it turned out to be the
> wire.
> --
> J5  

it happens in at least 3 separated networks, each one in another city,
and probably another wiring. I've tried changing wires -- at the begging
it seemed to be hit, but then problem showed up again, and week ago I got
mail from another net...:(

> > the 100% trick is to plug off and on RJ-45 into port:(
> > but since it's embedded 24/7 system it's not so easy...
> > 
> > monitoriong my few embedded linux routers shows that it's not case of one
> > buggy motherboard -- LED turns of in near every one, but with totaly
> > unpredictable frequency, so it's hardly impossible to trace this.

Piotr Trojanek