[realtek] RTL8100B non-functioning

Orlando Andico orly@mozcom.com
Tue Oct 8 22:56:01 2002

I've made (some) progress here.. basically eth0 *has* to be an eepro100. 
and eth1 is 8139too.

'mii-tool -w' returns correct link state for both ethernet ports.  
removing the RJ45 from either eth0 (eepro100) or eth1 (8139too) and the 
correct value is returned. eth0 is ok (i can ping the network).

however although i can ping the eth1 interface, i cannot ping anything 
else (i cross-connected the eth1 of both sinetic boxes).

i've also tried building the updated 8139too-0.9.26 from 
gkernel.sourceforge.net, but it won't build (my kernel is 2.4.20-pre9).

Orlando Andico <orly@mozcom.com>
Mosaic Communications, Inc.