[realtek] Same problem as Mr. Dante Plicato

Stephan Elsner elsni@elsni.de
Thu Mar 7 02:43:01 2002

> > Ok, but why? A 16 bit PCMCIA modem card works well...
> There are different code paths for 16 bit (somewhat ISA-like) and 32 bit
> cards.  32 bit Cardbus cards are almost identical to PCI cards, even
> using the same chips.
> [..]
> Did you use the Makefile, or compile by hand?
> The /usr/src/pcmcia/include path doesn't seem to have valid include files.

I compiled by hand using the command from the last lines of the code (with
the -DCARDBUS option).
/usr/src/pcmcia/ points to the pcmcia_cs sources
I tried to set the path to /usr/src/pcmcia/include/pcmcia. -> driver_ops.h
not found

> That's for cards in PCI slots, which we expect will have resources
> assigned by the BIOS.  The 2.2 kernel doesn't have resource assignment
> code (the 2.4 kernel now does).

I see. Do you think I should upgade?