[realtek] RE: network drops out

Maurice Hilarius maurice@harddata.com
Wed Jun 26 10:23:01 2002

With regards to your message at 06:38 AM 6/26/02, Kris Thielemans. Where 
you stated:

>With this patched version installed, my system locked up at the first ftp
>(get) attempt. I then disabled Edgar Toerning's patch. After this, the
>behaviour resorted to the previously mentioned mess: after doing some ftps,
>the network card/driver seems to pack up, and only gets going again after
>  ifconfig eth0 down
>  ifconfig eth0 broadcast netmask
>  rcroute start

Hi Kris.
We tried for quite a while to get the Realteks to work continuously under 
load and finally gave up, as have many others. The reason we were 
interested is they were installed on some motherboards, so we had little 
After much wasted effort we came to the conclusion that while these may 
suitable for  use with a cable modem and WinME, they are not stable enough 
under load to use for anything serious.
We tried a number of variants, drivers, etc. Seemingly worked well, but 
under heavy enough traffic always stalled sooner or later.

Conclusion: Get a real NIC.
  3C905 and EtherExpress are both reasonably priced and work.
SMC can be pretty good too.

With our best regards,

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