[realtek] Realtek 8139too and mii-tool. Wrong link state.

Evgeniy Polyakov johnpol@2ka.mipt.ru
Fri Jun 21 14:52:01 2002

Hello driver developers.

Sorry, if this was asked before, but grepping through realtek.mbox does
not return any hint.

Description: mii-tool from net-tools-1.60-66( and probably others)
always says, that link is dead in spite of the link is ok or not.
With, for example 3com 905c-tx tornado, mii-tool works fine.

Any ideas why is it so?

And also, can you please give me a hint about meaning of rtl registers,
returned by rtl8139-diag:
RealTek chip registers at 0xe000
 0x000: 3026c000 0000307c 80000000 40000000 00002000 00002000 00002000
 0x020: 09e4e000 09e4e600 09e4ec00 09e4f200 09f30000 01000000 0000fff0
 0x040: 74000000 00000000 70af5fb8 00000000 004d1001 00000000 0088c11c
 0x060: 1000000f 01e17809 00000000 00000000 00000044 000f7bc0 b0f243b9
since in 0x06c( third quadro-byte in 0x060 line :) ) first bit in 1
means link enabled and accordingly 0 means link is dead.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. please cc me in your answers, since i'm not a subscriber :(

	Evgeniy Polyakov ( s0mbre )