[realtek] Realtek 8139 doesnt work

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Thu Feb 7 18:34:01 2002

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Bastian Stritt wrote:

> And no here is my problem. I bought a laptop with an build-in network card. 
> On this card is an Realtek 8139C chip. In Windows it works fine, without any 
> problem. under Linux not. When I first start windows an then reboot to linux, 
> the rtl8139 driver recognizes the card on IRQ 10. Everything seems fine. But 
> when I ping another Computer in the Network, it doesnt do anything. It just 
> waits for something. Then appears an error message: 

for the solution.

> eth0: RTL8139 Interrupt line blocked, status 5

> When I start Linux without rebooting from Windows, it recognizes my card on 
> IRQ 0...

You have your BIOS configured to not assign a IRQ.  When Windows assigns
the IRQ, it writes IRQ5 to the PCI device, which isn't valid after a
warm boot.

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