[realtek] RTL8012

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Thu Nov 8 13:58:03 2001

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Jim Hatridge wrote:

> This is my first post to this list, so if I do something wrong, please
> let me know, thanks.

Most list traffic covers the PCI rtl8139 chip, but the other realtek
chips have so little traffic that it's reasonable to handle them here as

> OK, I've got a Genius pocket adapter NIC. I dug thru the 'net and found out 
> that this is a RTL8012 type NIC. BTW this moster plugs into the
> printer port.

The 8012 is the enhanced version of the rtl8002.

> I went to the Scyld home page looking for a driver for it. I found one and 
> tried to d/l it, but it hung netscrape up. So I looked at Scyld FTP and it's 
> not there. Can someone tell me where to find this driver?

It's named atp.c, and should be distributed with your kernel source.  It
should also be on the scyld.com FTP site under /pub/isa-drivers/.  (I'm
composing this off-line, so I can't verify.)

> BTW one other question, why does everyone call cluster computers "Beowulfs"? 
> I've never had a good answer to that question. 

Thomas Sterling (tron @ cacr.caltech.edu), came up with "Beowulf" as a
project name when I moved over to NASA to start the effort.  See the
Beowulf mailing list archives for more info.

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