[realtek] RTL8012

Jim Hatridge James.Hatridge@epost.de
Wed Nov 7 13:08:01 2001

Hi all...

This is my first post to this list, so if I do something wrong, please let me 
know, thanks. 

OK, I've got a Genius pocket adapter NIC. I dug thru the 'net and found out 
that this is a RTL8012 type NIC. BTW this moster plugs into the printer port. 
I went to the Scyld home page looking for a driver for it. I found one and 
tried to d/l it, but it hung netscrape up. So I looked at Scyld FTP and it's 
not there. Can someone tell me where to find this driver?

BTW one other question, why does everyone call cluster computers "Beowulfs"? 
I've never had a good answer to that question. 


Jim Hatridge

         The Recycled Beowulf Project
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   to recycle into a Linux super computer