[realtek] Regarding Realtek 8029AS Network card

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Fri Dec 28 10:40:01 2001

On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, jothi kumar wrote:

>     I have Realtek 8029AS Network card. I wrote a
> monolithic driver for the same card in windows.It is
> working properly.Simultanious Transmit & Receive is
> not implemented in my driver. How can i implement Full
> duplex Transmit/Receive in my driver.

Normally drivers for non-GPL OSes is considered off-topic for this list,
but this is a specific, direct technical question.

Here is the code snipped from ne2k-pci.c that enabled full-duplex on the
8029AS.  You can find the documentation in the 8029 datasheet.

Note that the EEPROM can be configured to enable the full-duplex bit
without any driver interaction.

	/* Set full duplex for the chips that we know about. */
	if (ei_status.ne2k_flags & FORCE_FDX) {
		long ioaddr = dev->base_addr;
		if (ei_status.ne2k_flags & REALTEK_FDX) {
			outb(0xC0 + E8390_NODMA, ioaddr + NE_CMD); /* Page 3 */
			outb(inb(ioaddr + 0x20) | 0x80, ioaddr + 0x20);
		} else if (ei_status.ne2k_flags & HOLTEK_FDX)
			outb(inb(ioaddr + 0x20) | 0x80, ioaddr + 0x20);

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