[realtek] rtl8139-c flash rom failed.

chien-yu chen cchen16@students.uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 28 04:58:01 2001


  I have dig through the archive, and my problem is about the same as
arcadio.net posted on 8/15 titled flashing EPROMs on a DFE-530, with
a few exception.

first of all, I used a m27c512 EPROM (I am not sure on the difference
between this one and the AT29C256, besides the size).

When I ran rtl8139-diag, it reported that I have a 8129, instead of a
8139-C.  Then the same thing happened, BIO ROM id 00 00, and it stopped.
So I first tried the hack, by returning 5 in get_part_id.  then I got the

Writing a block of 128 bytes at offset 0..
 Flash ROM write failed at offset 0, 0x00 vs. 0xeb.

This card has a tiny chip soldier on the board inside the ROM socket.
Without the m27c512 that I put in, rtl8139-diag -S got me a 8k file.
So I assume that this tiny chip probably holds info for this card and
maybe some rpl code for netware.  But somehow, after I write back this
8k file, my MAC address is lost.  So now I have 0000000000 as my address.
I can't remember if rtl8139-diag detect this card before I lost the MAC
as a 8139-c or 8219 though.

thanks for any answers.

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