[realtek] Re: realtek digest, Vol 1 #281 - 1 msg

Erős Levente erosl@freemail.hu
Tue Dec 11 13:26:01 2001

> Hi,
> I am running the above driver as a module to a 2.4.8 kernel. I have been
> moving iso images around today (650MB) and when a lot of traffic passes
> through the card, it eventually hangs and all network connectivity is
> An ifdown then ifup restores the connectivity but no errors are logged
> anywhere. I've seen this in the archive but as I am using the latest
> I can't see that this is the problem. I am sending the data via ftp from a
> 100MB card to a 100MB switch to a 10MB hub onto a 10MBit card in a machine
> if it makes any difference.
> Let me know if anymore info is required
> Rob Fulton
Have you ever tried the 8139too driver? By me, the official (rtl8139) made
the same problem. But when i changed to 8139too (half-official? ), the
problem solved - works fine.