[realtek] rtl8139.c v1.16a stops working with large traffic

Rob Fulton rob@cow-frenzy.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 12:19:02 2001


I am running the above driver as a module to a 2.4.8 kernel. I have been
moving iso images around today (650MB) and when a lot of traffic passes
through the card, it eventually hangs and all network connectivity is lost.
An ifdown then ifup restores the connectivity but no errors are logged
anywhere. I've seen this in the archive but as I am using the latest driver
I can't see that this is the problem. I am sending the data via ftp from a
100MB card to a 100MB switch to a 10MB hub onto a 10MBit card in a machine
if it makes any difference.

Let me know if anymore info is required

Rob Fulton