[realtek] 3 Realtek 8139 NIC's, only 1 works

Joel Barnett joel@allegro-music.com
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 14:54:52 -0700

Here's my setup:

Mandrake 7.2 (latest and greatest)
dhcpd listening on eth0
IP forwarding is enabled, (def. gw = if = eth0)
Box to be used for dhcp and as a router.

eth0  8139too  WORKS
eth1  rtl8139  DOESN'T WORK
eth2  rtl8139  DOESN'T WORK
Netmask for all is

These 3 cards are all Ovislink 10/100 PCI

I set these up with linuxconf. I can ping eth1 and eth2 from the cli, 
but not from another host. eth1 and eth2 cannot ping other hosts. I 
have connected eth1 and eth2 to 10mb, 10/100 hubs and a 100/1000 
switch, all with the same result. In linuxconf, the 8139too driver is 
not in the list of selectable drivers.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ? I figure I could use a different NIC 
on each interface, but it would be nice to know why what I've done 
doesn't work. Apologies if this isn't a realtek driver issue, I'm a 


Joel Barnett
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