[realtek] via-rhine kills rtl8139

Jens Kriebitzsch jens_kriebitzsch@hotmail.com
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 22:45:59 GMT


I am happily using a SN5100TX PCI Fast Ethernet Card on PCI slot 2, with IRQ 
10 with a via-rhine driver.
I am also happily using a Realtek 8139 based Ethernet Card on PCI slot 1, 
with IRQ 10 as well.
Everything works nicely as long as I use only one of the two slots.
BUT: when I use my Realtek card on PCI slot 1, whith IRQ 10, and I plug the 
via-rhine card into the _disabled_ PCI slot 2, with IRQ 11 assigned to it, 
the Realtek card will not work any longer (that is I cannot ping my 
ADSL-"modem" anymore, which I can when the via-rhine card is removed.

Although this is probably no driver problem, I do hope that some of you are 
interested by this compatibility (?) problem, as I didn't find any mailing 
list coming closer to it.

Any ideas on this one? Thank you for your help!

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