[realtek] which file to patch?

csyap@starnet.gov.sg csyap@starnet.gov.sg
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 04:56:14 +0800

hi, i'm trying to patch the 8319too driver to be used for kernel 2.2.x.
after executing the following patch command, i'm prompted for a file to
patch. the question is what filename should i input and maybe secound?

[root@sharp too]# patch -sp1 < /root/too/patch-8139too-0.9.10-2.2
The text leading up to this was:
|diff -u -r -P -p linux-2.2.17/drivers/net/Config.in
|--- linux-2.2.17/drivers/net/Config.in	Sun Sep 10 16:37:49 2000
|+++ linux-2.2.17-8139too/drivers/net/Config.in	Wed Sep 27 21:54:14 2000
File to patch: 

thanks for your help.