RTL8139 SMC1211TX init_module error

Johan Ugander johan@ugander.com
Mon Jan 10 19:43:19 2000


well, I had sorta concluded that my problems were in the probe loop, 
since thats what was coming up false. So, after checking and 
rechecking IRQ's and such, I did the obvious.

shame shame shame.

this is one of those days you just wanna crawl into a hole.

the card wasn't plugged all the way in. grrrr.

All is well now, the card is hard at work.

but that brings me to another question, does anyone know a good 
ip-masquerading mailing list or how-to?

thanks for your help.

human error sucks.
/johan ugander

>On Sun, 9 Jan 2000, Johan Ugander wrote:
>>  My problem surfaces when i try to insmod the object.
>>  # insmod rtl.o
>>  rtl.o: init_module: Device or resource busy
>Have you tried the module that comes with the kernel?  I don't use Redhat
>6, so I don't know for sure whether they were nice and precompiled the
>module for you.
>If they weren't, you can build the module by going through the normal
>kernel build process and doing only 'make mrproper; make config; make dep;
>make modules'.  This will produce the drivers you selected as modules. 
>Obviously, you will need to select the RTL8139 driver for building as a
>module. :}
>Look in /proc/pci and find out what IRQ the card is assigned to.  If it's
>a silly IRQ (when mine wasn't working, it was IRQ 35) or if it's in
>conflict with some other IRQ, you need to change things a bit.  How this
>is done will probably depend on your bios.
>Maybe you didn't put the card in a bus mastering slot.
>If /proc/pci doesn't detect the card at all, then no amount of driver
>fiddling will detect it, something is wrong with your PCI bus,
>configuration, hardware, something.
>>  I do not have a network hooked up to the card, but does that matter?
>>  listed under compatible cards: " SMC 1211TX (relabeled RTL8139) "
>>  but the second part of that quote makes me wonder. do i need to
>>  relabel the card to RTL8139 somehow? If so, how? jumper settings?
>No, that means that they called it an SMC 1211TX but in reality it is an
>RTL8139.  It is much like saying that a Geo Metro is a relabeled Suzuki
>Swift. :}

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