RTL8139 SMC1211TX init_module error

William T Wilson fluffy@snurgle.org
Mon Jan 10 00:11:55 2000

On Sun, 9 Jan 2000, Johan Ugander wrote:

> My problem surfaces when i try to insmod the object.
> # insmod rtl.o
> rtl.o: init_module: Device or resource busy

Have you tried the module that comes with the kernel?  I don't use Redhat
6, so I don't know for sure whether they were nice and precompiled the
module for you.

If they weren't, you can build the module by going through the normal
kernel build process and doing only 'make mrproper; make config; make dep;
make modules'.  This will produce the drivers you selected as modules.  
Obviously, you will need to select the RTL8139 driver for building as a
module. :}

Look in /proc/pci and find out what IRQ the card is assigned to.  If it's
a silly IRQ (when mine wasn't working, it was IRQ 35) or if it's in
conflict with some other IRQ, you need to change things a bit.  How this
is done will probably depend on your bios.

Maybe you didn't put the card in a bus mastering slot.

If /proc/pci doesn't detect the card at all, then no amount of driver
fiddling will detect it, something is wrong with your PCI bus,
configuration, hardware, something.

> I do not have a network hooked up to the card, but does that matter?


> listed under compatible cards: " SMC 1211TX (relabeled RTL8139) "
> but the second part of that quote makes me wonder. do i need to 
> relabel the card to RTL8139 somehow? If so, how? jumper settings? 

No, that means that they called it an SMC 1211TX but in reality it is an
RTL8139.  It is much like saying that a Geo Metro is a relabeled Suzuki
Swift. :}

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