[realtek] rtl8139c in half duplex

Magnus Damm damm@cendio.se
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 21:45:07 +0200

Hi all,

Has anyone tested using a rtl8139C chip in half-duplex?

I've got nics with both rtl8139A and rtl8139B chips,
and they both work in any MBit/duplex combination with
all my hubs/switches.

But, with the rtl8139C-based hardware half duplex fails.

3Com hubs will lit their Alert! led.
Netgear hubs twinkles with their Partition leds.
So does the D-Link hubs.

The collision leds are very active. Late collisions?

My D-Link switch works just fine.

I've used mii-diag to verify that the PHY-part
is enabled in the correct MBit/duplex combination to 
each hub/switch.

I've forced the desired mode but the problem is still there...

I suspect that the ethernet controller is left in some wierd
full-duplex mode.


Am I the only one seeing this?

Could someone recommend any rtl8139c-based hardware?


Thanks in advance /

Magnus Damm