[realtek] FYI: Getting Dlink DFE 530+ TX working under Linux

Amit D Chaudhary amit_ch@yahoo.com
Sun, 20 Aug 2000 23:47:30 -0700


Thought I will email the findings incase they are useful to anyone. This
was to get my NIC (Dlink DFE 530+ TX) working under Linux(Redhat 6.1).
My PC is a HP Pavilion running P III 733.
The driver in the floppy is an older one and I did not manage to use it
and get eth0 working using the instructions. Here is what needs to be
1. Get the latest driver and the diagnostic program from

2. The settings in the Bios have Plug-Play OS is by default enabled. Set
this to be disabled. This takes care of the problem of the driver not
being assigned the correct IRQ. Found this using  rtl8139-diag. The clue
came from an email by Ray Olszewski <ray@comarre.com> in response to a
NIC problem on SVLUG.

3. After 2 following the steps in the readme or using linuxconf gets the
network working. Yeah!

Moving to Linux only soon...


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