Bad connection

Sat Oct 23 12:04:49 1999

I bought a SOHO Fast Ethernet card with the Realtek 8139B chipset,
and even if I've been able to transfer files up to 7MB/s with another
Linux computer, now that there are more computers on the hub, 
transfers are dramatically slow (50KB/s upload, some bits/s download).

When I read ifconfig output, it reports a lots of errors and collisions
(1/4 packet receiving, 1/10 packet transmitting, + carriers,...).
I have a lot of Abnormal Interrupts in logs also.
My config is an AMD-K6-200Mhz on a 100MB network, maybe it's too much
for my computer ?

How can I have a good connection on this network, should I buy a
quality card (from 3COM for example) ?

Please, tell me which logs/outputs you would like to have in order
to help me.


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