RTL8139 problems

Petr Sebor petr@scssoft.com
Tue Dec 7 07:51:34 1999

Well, I have almost went nuts about that card, after I have discovered a
notice on Donald Becker's RTL site that some older motherboards do not
support PCI burst modes and that this may be the cause of the problem...
My motherboard is not that old, but it is noname VX-PRO II board.. god
knows who manufactured it. I have borrowed different board from another
computer ( actually VX-PRO+ chipset on noname board but with AWARD
BIOS instead of AMI ) and the card now runs like a charm... perfectly...

At least, I wanted to share this information, although it has been known
for some time...

Petr Sebor

Petr Sebor
Technology/Engine Development
SCS Software [ http://www.scssoft.com ]

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