Bug in RTL8139 driver?

Ignacio Arenaza inaki.arenaza@jet.es
Mon Dec 6 17:23:52 1999

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Hi everybody,

first of all, excuse my English!

Second, I haven't received Appendix B with the welcome message
Majordomo sends you when you subscribe, so I don't know what kind of
information I have to send to the list to report a bug.

The problem si I'm having some trouble with a RTL8139B (note de final
B) NIC under Linux.

The setup:

        * Debian Slink 2.1
        * 2.2.13 kernel.
        * RTL8139 driver (v 1.06 directly from official web page)
        * AMD K6-2
        * 128 MB RAM
        * EIDE Disk.
        * Connected to a 3COM SuperStack II 1100 switch (to a 10 Mbps
          auto-negotiating full-duplex port)
        * Cat. 5 FTP cabling.

If I boot linux, no matter how I compile the driver (static or
module), I can't send or receive a single frame. I get an average of 2
errors per second (I do an 'ifconfig eth0' every second, and the
error counter increases every time).

I shutdown linux and boot OpenBSD 2.5 from another partition, and it
works without a hiccup for hours.

I take this same machine and connect it to a 3COM SuperStack FMS
Builder II Hub (non auto-negotiating 10 Mbps simplex port) and it
works nicely.

So it seems, somewhere in the auto-negotiation code there is something
my 8139B chip doesn't like. I have tried to force the driver to use
half-duplex mode, but it is the same.

Just tell me the kind of additional info you need (systems logs,
additional debugging output, whatever).

Thanks in advance. Iņaki.

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