rtl8139 problems

James Stevens James.Stevens@jrcs.co.uk
Thu Sep 3 03:56:31 1998

Ben Shakal wrote:
> Anyway, I suppsoe everyone else with the same problem
> has automated it by now, but I just thought I'd share my temporary
> fix with anyone who cares... :)

Unfortunatly, we want to use the card in an Internet Gateway / 
Workgroup file & print server product that we make
(http://www.net-inter-net.com/), so breaking all connections every so
often is going to be any good for us.

> Oh, and thank you James for the note about the Intel EEPro... I
> was just about to permanently fix my problem by going out and
> investing in a better card.... But I guess I won't be considering that
> one, either... :)

FYI: We normally use Longshine NE2000 cards for 10Mhz and SMC cards for
100Mhz and find them (and their Linux drivers) totally reliable, but the
SMC Ultra cards for which Linux drivers exist are expensive, the cheaper
100Mhz cards do nto have Linux drivers, yet (Donald ?). 

We have also used a 10/100 version of the AMD PC-Net chip which works
fantastically, but I have never been able to find a card based on this
chip. The box we used had the chip on the motherboard.

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