[realtek-bug] v1.13: 8319 Card hangs under heavy load (easy to reproduce)

Jochen Tuchbreiter (domainfactory) jt@domainfactory.de
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 03:02:03 +0200


I don't want to bother the rtl8139 developers but can you tell me if anyone
is interested in reproducing the described bug / fixing it ? If there is
interest: Did I fail to provide enough information ? Is there anything else
I can do (besides finding and fixing the problem) to help you with this ?



just great, we switched our mission-critical machines to dec-chips now and
stumbled over the next driver-bug (tulip this time): loads of carrier
errors, see
ff. Live can be cruel sometimes %-) If anyone is interested in fixing this /
getting his hands on a card that produces this error please tell me.


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