[realtek-bug] Complement to "Host Unreachable"

Michel.Lavaud@univ-orleans.fr Michel.Lavaud@univ-orleans.fr
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 21:57:19 +0000


After some more tests, it turns out that, under RedHat 7.0, the connexion 
can be established correctly to other PCs on a LAN through ND012 card 
(with rtl8138 chipset), provided the second card (with chip rtl8029) is 
desactivated. On the other hand:

- under Windows 98, it is not necessary to desactivate the second card.
- under Linux RH7.0, when the connexion to the LAN is established 
through the card with rtl8029 chip, the other card ND012 needs not be 

It would thus seem that, with the Linux driver of cards with rtl8139 chip, 
the cohabitation with other cards is impossible (I checked the problem 
exists also with another type of card, 3C503).

Is it a bug or a limitation of the driver, or is there an option I did not 
find out, and that the Kudzu hardware installer of RH7.0 is not aware of 
(as it did not add any option)?

Thank you very much in advance for any explanations.

Michel.Lavaud@univ-orleans.fr, lavaud.michel@wanadoo.fr
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