[realtek-bug] Destination Host Unreachable under Linux

Michel.Lavaud@univ-orleans.fr Michel.Lavaud@univ-orleans.fr
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 20:01:21 +0000


I have been unable to connect to a LAN through a card NexNIC-ND012 
(which uses chip RTL8139) under Linux RedHat 7.0, while I can connect 
under Windows 98 without any problem. The card NexNIC-ND012 is from Unex 
company (www.unex-tech.com). The driver installed is rtl8139.o from RedHat 
7.0. I have tested it on two machines and had the same problem on the two 
machines (i.e. connexion works under Win98 but not under Linux RH7.0).

On each machine, I have two Ethernet cards, one card ND012, and a 
second card with RTL8029 chip. The connection under Linux RH7.0 is OK with 
the card with RTL8029, i.e. when I plug the cable of the LAN in this 

When I plug the cable in the DN012 and try to ping to another PC on the 
LAN, I get the message "Destination Host Unreachable". However, the 
Network application "RH Network Monitor", that indicates the status of the 
connection, seems to indicate that everything is OK, as it displays green 

Would anybody know the origin of the problem? Is it because I use two 
Ethernet cards on the same machine? Is there a special configuration in 
this case? The configuration program Kudzu of RH7.0 detected both cards 
smoothly and installed everything. I did not change anything, assuming it 
could only make the situation worse.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.
Michel.Lavaud@univ-orleans.fr, lavaud.michel@wanadoo.fr
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