[epic] Same problem here

Stefan Jaschke s-jaschke@t-online.de
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 12:43:15 +0200

I also have the problem that the epic100 driver works with 2.4.0 
but not 2.4.3. But this mailing list seems to be dead?

The linux-kernel mailing list may be a better
place to discuss this. I also observed that there are substantial 
changes between Becker's last version of epic100.c and the one
included with the kernel 2.4.3.

No clue so far who or what can help. Just hope that the person
doing the changes from Becker's version to the linux-kernel version
will pick up the thread in the linux-kernel mailing list.

Stefan J.

Stefan R. Jaschke <stefan@jaschke-net.de>