Heylp! Heylp!

J.L.Gilmour@exeter.ac.uk J.L.Gilmour@exeter.ac.uk
Wed Sep 22 05:24:33 1999

... in my best Penelope Pitstop style...

Perhaps someone can help? We (Exeter University, UK) have recently bought 30 PCs with 
SMC Etherpower II cards. The PCs dual boot NT and Linux, NT works fine, but Linux just 
doesn't want to work ont he network. I'm using the EPIC 100 driver - both the one shipped
with Redhat 6.0 and my own compiled version 1.06 and 1.07. All give the same problem -
the network card doesn't seem to work. Something is transmitted as the activity light on
the hub flashes, but sniffers on that segment show nothing (valid) being transmitted.
Stranger yet, it sometimes works - maybe once in 25 times - the rest of the time it fails
during boot at "bring up eth0".

Can anyone suggest anything? 

Thanks in advance...


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