problem with Epic 100 driver.

Karl Gierach
Mon Sep 13 15:10:49 1999


This email centers around a problem I'm having with the Etherexpress Pro
card not switching into 100Mbs mode. All I can get is 10Mbs.

I've got Redhat version 6.0 and I'm networking 2 computers (a PC and a
PC laptop) both with 10/100 cards in them. The PC has the Epic 100, and
the laptop has LinkSys PCMCIA card.
The two machines will not communicate at 100mbs. They are communicating
via a Link-Sys 10/100 auto sensing workgroup hub. I have a feeling that
the problem may lie with the Epic 100 driver, rather than the Link-Sys
driver, since I've previously achieved 100mbs bandwith on the laptop
when connected directly to the internet. (although the problem may very
well lie with the other driver for all I know?)

As a side note:
I previously had a wierd problem with all networking just hanging up
after trying a few sample ftp's and telnets but
that was with Redhat 5.1. Upgrading to 6.0 fixed this. The odd thing was
that the problem would not appear with an older 10Mbs hub, but only with
the (current) 10/100 hub.

I'd appreciate any suggestions. 

-Karl Gierach


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