Newer driver information

Shawn Snodgrass
Tue Mar 16 00:19:46 1999

I have SMC 9432TX NIC. I am running RedHat linux 5.1 and kernel version 2.0.35-1. I downloded the driver for the SMC 9432TX NIC from The precompiled driver of course will not load under kernel 2.0.35-1, so I downloaded the source and compiled it. I got a couple of warning and when I added the -O option to the compile (gcc), everything compiled. I loaded the driver using insmod and it loaded but did not work. I am wondering if compiling this driver is the course and was wondering if their was a precompiled driver for RedHat 5.1 and kernel version 2.0.35-1. If I have emailed the org or person, pls accept my apologies. Any help you can give me would be most appreciated.

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