Epic driver/ping.

Erich Reitz ereitz@usa.net
Fri Mar 12 14:20:32 1999


I don't really have enough equipment (eth cards/systems) to do any real 
comparison testing, but I came across an oddity for which I don't have an 

I have a Linux 2.0.35 system. eth0 is an NE2000 card, eth1 is an SMC 9432TX 

Using the command: ping -s 1 -l 1000

(size of 1, preload 1)

To a system over eth0 (internet) I get 10% packet loss to my first hop. Seems 
fine. But over my local lan/crossover cable between two SMC 9432TX cards I get 
80-90% packet loss.  Where did the rest of the packets go? 

What I don't understand is why this works on eth0 (10MBit NE2000 card) and not 
eth1 (SMC 9432TX card) on the same system/kernel. I've tried with both the 1.06 
and the 1.07 beam modified driver. 

Has anyone else experienced this or done any type of similar simple testing?


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